What’s New in Graphic Novels

by Al Brittain

As one of the people who helps order graphic novels I wanted to let you know about some recent additions to the collection.  We have new volumes of a lot popular series (like Bleach, Deadpool, The Walking Dead, and such), but here are some specific titles I’m excited about:

Generations – These stories take place immediately after the events of Secret Empire.  Many of the younger heroes have been flung back in time and get a chance to interact with the past selves of their older counterparts.

How to be perfectly unhappy – The latest book from Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal.  In this book Inman talks about not being a happy person.  How there may be something wrong with him because other people seem to be capable of being happy.  Or maybe they’re just faking it.  Who knows?  Check out some of his other books here.

my brother's husbandMy Brother’s Husband – Canadian Mike Flanagan visits Japan after the death of his husband, Ryoji.  He meets and ends up staying with his husband’s twin brother Yaichi and his young daughter Kana.  Over the course of the visit Yaichi is forced to confront his homophobia and examine his feelings toward his dead brother and how things changed between them after Ryoji came out.

The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan – This book is for Walking Dead fans who want to knowbob's burgers more about Negan.  Who was he before the walkers showed up and how did he become the bat wielding villain we know?

Bob’s Burgers – Fans of the show can enjoy the further adventures of the Belcher family.  Hope you’re ready for some erotic friend fiction.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – This magical girl sequel series takes place during Sakura’s junior high years.  Her cards have turned blank and are no longer usable.  She and her friends investigate the cause and set out to uncover more powerful magic.

Grizzlyshark – A gory action comedy about a shark infested forest.  Beware!  The smallest cut will have the deadly shark popping out of the trees to devour its prey.

power upPower Up – 3 ordinary people (and a goldfish) become protectors of Earth in this Sailor Moon inspired story.  They don’t really know what they’re doing, but they’re trying their best to save the planet.

Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead – This book is a followup to the movie and is (hopefully) a lead up to a sequel.  While the movie follows 4 interwoven stories taking place over a single Halloween night, Days of the Dead tells 4 stories set on Halloween nights throughout time.  Sam, the burlap clad trick-or-treater from the movie, makes an appearance in each story.

Rat Queens Vol 4 High Fantasies  – The long awaited 4th volume in the Rat Queens series is finally here!  The Queens have returned home to a greatly changed Palisade.  Buildings have toppled, friends have changed, and there’s a new rival team making life difficult.  Will a new member be enough to help them overcome these challenges?

Injustice 2 Vol 1 – The war is over and the “pancake” heroes (as Harley calls them) have returned to their own universe.  Batman works to heal the world after all the damage caused by Superman, but dark forces are at play.  Someone is out there impersonating him and putting everything he fought so hard for in danger.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vol 2 – The 2nd volume of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is FINALLY (maybe) being released!  Mr Spellman has been resurrected in Harvey’s body, but Sabrina doesn’t know.  She defends “Harvey” from her aunts and it’s all-out magical warfare.

And here are some titles that we’ll be ordering soon that might catch your interest (they aren’t in the system yet, so check back):

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank – A girl and her friends attempt to rob a bank to keep her dad and his idiot accomplices from going to jail.51Ni3WUy9JL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting on the News That Matters to Cats – The name says it all.  Join Elvis, Puck, and Lupin as they report on everything from thunderstorms to Thanksgiving dinner.  Based on the comic strip of the same name.

Only the End of the World Again – Werewolves meet elder gods in this rereleased Neil Gaiman tale.

She and Her Cat – This is the story of a woman and Chobi, the stray cat she adopts.  Over the course of a year Chobi falls in love with his owner.  He may not understand everything she does or know why certain things make her sad, but he loves her and wants her to be happy.

Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories – A collection of Japanese horror manga legend Junji Ito’s best stories, complete with author commentary.  Trypophobia sufferers may want to steer clear of this one.

There you go.  I hope you found something you like.  Look for more of these posts in the future.

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